Experimental Biophotonics research group 

Advanced light microscopy R&D especially on holographic and two‑photon microscopy, and applications in cell biology, cancer and nanotechnology.

Experimental Biophotonics Facility

Open access services in advanced light microscopy, especially holographic quantitative phase imaging with incoherent light source and laser scanning confocal microscopy.



Kelvin prize awarded to Jakub Bělín

Kelvin prize 2020 was awarded to Jakub Bělín, with dissertation Optics of Polyhedra: from Invisibility Cloaks to… Read more »


Invitation to Experimental Biophotonics course - April 21st -…

Let us invite you to Experimental Biophotonics Course. The course is free of charge. Please sign up for e-mail… Read more »


Published paper "Optical simulation of quantum mechanics on the…

New paper by Dr. Jakub Bělín, "Optical simulation of quantum mechanics on the Möbius strip, Klein’s bottle… Read more »