Welcome to Experimental Biophotonics

Experimental Biophotonics focuses on advanced light microscopy techniques and methodologies applied to the study of nano- and microstructures characteristics and interactions with living cells including assessments of possible cytotoxicity and cancer cell diagnostics.


Advanced light microscopy – innovative technologies

  • theoretical study of imaging processes in advanced, especially holographic and confocal light microscopy, simulation and experimental verification of results
  • investigation of coherence effects, optical and coherence vortices in holographic imaging, imaging in turbid media by coherence gating
  • development of coherence controlled and SLM optical systems for holographic and multimodal (correlative) microscopy
  • development of advanced image-processing methods for holographic reconstruction, quantitative phase evaluation, dynamic phase differences, pattern and process recognition

Evaluation of live cell behaviour & analysis of micro- and nanostructures

  • biophysics of quantitative evaluation of live cell behaviour developed with coherence-controlled holographic microscopy (CCHM)
  • subtoxic impact/toxicity of nanomaterials assessment by measurement of intracellular dry mass translocation with CCHM
  • in vitro qualification of cancer cell malignancy with CCHM classification of cell behaviour patterns
  • observation and validation of nanostructure properties and their interactions with living cells with advanced light microscopy